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Which Connector do I need?


Need help deciding which Connector or Tap Valve to use? Please use the chart below to help.

Still unsure which Connector or Tap Valve to use? Or perhaps the one you have isn't shown here?
Please use our contact page to ask. We are here to help.


Connector for
Soda Fountains

Tap Valve  
liquidbox.jpg Liquibox (A)  Liqibox QCD II (Grey)

Basic Tap Valve


Liqibox QCD Tap Valve

(QCD Tap valve is recomended
on 3-5 gallon boxes as some people
have dificulty inserting the basic 
tap valve on bigger boxes, 
however, Basic Tap Valve will 
work too) 

liquidbox2.jpg Liquibox (B)

Liqibox QCD II (Grey)



Liqibox QCD Tap Valve


(Basic Tap Valve does work, however most people have a hard time getting it on. QCD Tap valve is highly recomended.) 

 pepsi-encore.jpg  Pepsi Encore

Pepsi Encore QCD


Pepsi Encore tap valve   
cocacola.jpg  Coca-Cola 

 Coke QCD


Coke Tap Valve   
private-lebel.jpg   Private Label  Liqibox QCD II (Grey)  Liqibox QCD Tap Valve