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Frequently asked Questions:




What tap valve do I need?

Unfortunately, there a lot of different spouts out there. Some BIB's actually use different connectors within the same brand. If you have your BIB syrup already, purchased elsewhere, please use our connector info page to look at pictures of different spouts to compare to your own. Most of the syrup sold by Syrup Supply use all the same connectors/tap valves (Grey QCD for soda fountains or Basic Tap valve and QCD Tap valve for dispensing straight from the box).  The only exception is Pepsi and Diet Pepsi, this BIB uses the Encore connector and Encore Tap valve.

Please note Dr. Pepper, as this is one brand that, depending on where it is bagged, may use different connectors/tap valves. Some Dr. Peppers are bagged by Coke and will therefore use the Coke connector. Other Dr. Peppers (the ones Sold by Syrup Supply) will need the Grey QCD or basic tap valve. There is also a 3rd valve out there, however, this bag is rare to find. Again please use our connector info page to compare what you have to the photos if you need help deciding

If you still need help finding the right connector or tap valve for your particular BIB please use our contact page to ask. We are here to help.


How long do I have till the syrup expires?  

Please note that with sugar based syrups there is no need to worry about expiration dates. Think of the pancake syrup you have in your pantry, how old is it? Yes, it's still good. Sugar is a great preservative! So Sugar based syrups are good for years. However, Diets have no sugar. The chemicals in the diet syrups will break down over time and will lose sweetness. Diets typically last about 9 months. If you drink soda on a regular basis this should be plenty of time, even if you get a 5 gallon box. As a soda drinker myself, I go through a 1 gallon box (with only me drinking it) every 4-5 weeks. That's 5 gallons in less then 5 months. This time will be shorter if you have a whole family drinking it.

Difference between Blue Wave Cola and Red Wave Cola?

Blue Wave Cola was patterned from Pepsi and Red Wave Cola was patterned after Coke.

However the diets are a bit different. Diet Blue Wave Cola is sweetened with sucralose and Diet Red Wave Cola is sweetened with aspartame.
If you favor Diet Pepsi, it is our recommendation to  try Diet Blue Wave.
If you favor Diet Coke, there are actually 2 different kinds of Diet Coke that most people don't notice. If you favor the Diet Coke that comes from the fountain (restaurants and bars), it is recommended you try Diet Red Wave Cola. However, if you favor the Diet Coke from bottles and cans, it is recommended you try Diet Blue Wave.

It is recommended, whether sugar based or diet, you try a 1 gallon or either flavor first rather then starting off with a 5 gallon. That way if you don't like it, you can try a 1 gallon of the other cola.

Syrup Supply likes to hear feed back, so if you prefer one over another, feel free to let us know using our contact page