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About Us

A message from the owner:

Here at Syrup Supply, we know it is difficult to find and purchase syrup, so we are dedicated to serving the syrup needs of our customers and do so at a low price.

We supply a lot of national brand syrups along with our own brand of tasty syrups. Our generic syrup is manufactured here in the US (Cerritos, CA), and has been since 1924.  We make fresh batches of all our syrup often and rotate stock to assure freshness. 
Being a diet drinker myself, we take a lot of time and effort into formulating our diets to be quite tasty, as most diets aren't available anywhere in certain flavors. 

With our national brand syrups, we get deliveries often and rotate our stock to assure freshness.

Syrup Supply likes to communicate with their customers and want them to feel comfortable expressing their needs. Good customer service is hard to find these days, and this is why Syrup Supply is dedicated to providing excellent customer service. We literally go above and beyond in most cases. 

Melissa Williams


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